Morphonic lab XVI

October 27, 2018
Baroque palace Großer Garten Dresden
Punctual start at 8 pm, admission at 7 pm
Admission 15 € reduced 10 €

The morphonic laboratory No. 17 picks up on an art form that developed parallel to punk in the mid-1970s, with similar artistic ambitions but far more radical forms of expression. The Industrial belongs to the preferences of the ML-makers, and in the previous sixteen laboratories this style has been heard and seen several times. To place them explicitly in the thematic focus aims to develop new tendencies in this intensive, high-energy sound and image practice even in today's mixed forms of noise, minimal, electronic music and others. exemplify.

In its original form mostly associated with powerful use of the body, the industrial was for a long time a male domain. Fortunately, this did not stay that way, so in this program artists get the lead. The sound and video program in the ballroom of the Palais starts with Espectra Negra by the Mexican artist Verónica Mota with her complex electro-acoustic and analogue sound synthesis. Their musical vocabulary ranges from alchemical sounds to industrial sound sculptures, cinematic soundscapes, ritual music to ambient and noise. The Berlin performance duo Burqamachines, founded in 2010 by the visual artists Chris Dreier (ex-Die Tödliche Doris) and Ursula Döbereiner, floods rooms with aggressive industrial and electro sounds, modular spacetrips, incorporates structures of new music and does not shy away from noise -Adaptions well-known pop songs back.

A mystical break delivers Tegal Castle (USA) using the latest sound and video "Psychometry". The performance focuses on mind-shooting and apocalyptic visions in a black void filled with electronic shadow titles, taking a step into a new disembodied realm that also integrates with us. The Dresdner SARDH: - the founders and operators of the ML - committed to the industrial for more than twenty-five years, of course, do not miss the opportunity to enrich this festive dance of a different kind with their new concert program "UNORT", which in its archaic-looking character is more monolithic minimalist structures a broadly instrumented electrifying ritual now ritual. The Wiesbaden men of Beinhaus create a dignified finale of the live performances with their Industrial in almost classic pure form of dynamic, sweaty, heavy sound work on metal parts and scrap with hammer and flex, but integrated into hard electronic beats, which are loaded with daring German-speaking vocals and styles from breakbeat and dubstep to hit songs and worker songs. Already far from the gates of the Palais, visitors will be welcomed by the audio-sculptural "Sound-Portal" by Zwicker / Jähnig, which is fed with thematic sounds. In the adjoining rooms of the palace further selected artists will present their theme-related installations, video works and objects, as well as the nocturnal exterior view of the palace is again enchanted by a projection shell of Hillumination.

Among other things, Echofreak will erect an 8-channel sound sculpture in the lapidary of the palace between the Baroque sculptures, which was created from the sounds of the work of local stonemasons and stone sculptors using traditional tools. With their "remote uncontrolled" installation, the duo PöBeL provides the public with a sound-generating arsenal, with which the visitors themselves can create brutal acousmen. The partially renovated interior of the baroque palace, with its morbid charm, will again be adequately presented in modern multimedia experimental art forms, with which the seventeenth Morphonic Lab will continue to develop Dresden's bridge between historical and contemporary art.

Detlef Schweiger
Artistic and organizational director
Dresden February 20, 2018

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